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    Film Factory Montreal is a high-end post production facility that focuses all services around optimizing color design quality and designing complete digital workflows. The flexible structure offers the opportunity to adapt to any creative needs, budgets and scope of work.


    Lionel Kopp. Color Designer/ Co-founder

    Lionel Kopp

    Color Designer/ Co-founder

    Co-founder of Les Trois Lumières labs in Paris and Film Factory France, Lionel has a passion for visual originality with over 25 years of experience in movies production and post-production. Among his most recent contributions are the Hollywood productions of Immortals and Mirror Mirror by Tarsem Singh and Escape Plan by Mikael Håfström. IMDB Profile Youtube - Demo Reel

    Alexis Cadorette Vigneau. General Manager/ Co-founder

    Alexis Cadorette Vigneau

    General Manager/ Co-founder

    With over 10-year expertise in movies technology advancement, Alexis has contributed to many projects as a post-production supervisor and technical manager. His credits include The Young Victoria by Jean-Marc Vallée, Immortals by Tarsem Singh and Jerusalem by Daniel Ferguson. IMDB Profile

    Marc Boucrot. Colorist/ Co-founder

    Marc Boucrot

    Colorist/ Co-founder

    Marc is a multi-disciplinary artist whose experience in post-production includes credits as sound editor and film editor before specializing in color grading. His collaborations include award-winning movies such as Enter the Void by Gaspar Noé, La vie d'Adele d'Adellatif Kechiche and Dallas Buyers Club by Jean Marc Vallée. IMDB Profile

    Philippe Akoka. G.M. Film Factory Paris

    Philippe Akoka

    G.M. Film Factory Paris

    With 20 years of experience as a post-producer of feature films and audiovisual works, Philippe has worked on the post production of over 100 movies including A Good Year by Ridley Scott, Amélie by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Alexander by Oliver Stone and Pixar's Brave. IMDB Profile

    Suzanne Girard. Producer / Co-founder

    Suzanne Girard

    Producer / Co-founder
    Elisabeth-Ann Gimber. General Administrator

    Elisabeth-Ann Gimber

    General Administrator
    Kelly McCall. D.I. Producer

    Kelly McCall

    D.I. Producer
    Alexander Akoka. Business Development

    Alexander Akoka

    Business Development


    Gary Chuntz. Colorist

    Gary Chuntz

    Claire Coutelle. Colorist

    Claire Coutelle

    Elie Akoka. Colorist

    Elie Akoka

    Diederik Van Den Weghe. Engineering Officer

    Diederik Van Den Weghe

    Engineering Officer


    Avid Editing Systems Rental

    On-set Color Grading & Dailies

    D.I. Color Grading ACES

    DCP & Video Mastering

    Backup & Archival

    Post Production Supervision & Workflow Consultation


    Film Factory Montréal

    1475 rue Ottawa
    Montréal (Québec) H3C 1S9

    Film Factory Paris

    photo of Philippe Akoka
    Film Factory Paris
    13 rue Foucault
    92110 Clichy France
    Philippe Akoka, G.M. Film Factory Paris

    Film Factory Los Angeles

    photo of Kelly McCall
    Film Factory Los Angeles
    Kelly McCall, D.I. Producer